Everything single-sourced

Why is KIC Krones the right partner when it comes to consumables for your line? It’s very simple: we’re a complete-range vendor – which means we not only supply you with the right products, we also deliver the requisite technical expertise into the bargain.

How is this possible? Since we were founded back in 1978, we have been your can-do partner for chemical consumables in the food and beverage industries – and that involves far more than “merely” making and delivering products: as a member of the Krones Group, KIC Krones is part of the team for new product development and design enhancements in the fields of filling, packaging and process technologies – from the early development stage onwards. This means our experts are thoroughly familiar not only with consumables, but also with the entire machine portfolio of Krones AG. So the consumables we recommend are precisely tailored to your particular machine.