Heat exchanger systems

for efficient product heating

The right heat exchanger for every application

The systems from Evoguard heat your products gently, ensuring microbiological safety and offering a high heat transfer performance.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of products with different flow characteristics
  • (even for products containing particles/fibres)
    • every kind of juices
    • milk, milk-mix-beverages, soymilk
    • beverages with particles/fibres (up to 15 x 15x 15 mm)
  • Reducing the thermal impact acting on the product due to short dwell times
  • Available as a complete system or individually designed to suit your line
  • Development, engineering and production within the Krones group

Evoguard is your ideal partner when it comes to your customised heat exchanger:

  • Clarification of your demands
  • Individual design of the heat exchanger specifically to your requirements
  • Rheological product characterisation possible in the Krones laboratory
  • Consultation by experienced specialists who can access an extensive database with more than 2,000 product data

 Excerpt from our broad portfolio

All values based on water:
1 water vs. water at nominal flow (counter-current 1:1)
2 inlet inner tube 20 °C inlet outer tube 70 °C

* All module types available as cross corrugated tubes or plane tubes;
Material: SAF2205 (certified OEM manufacturer/design by Krones) instead of AISI 316L

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